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Solti György

Jitsuhiro Yamada, MD, PhD

2013. október 22.

President, Gifu Hungary Friendship Association

Leading the Times – The Franz Liszt Academy of Music

~ The Joy and Hope of Renovation ~

There must be no better way to celebrate Franz Liszt's birthday on 22 October 2013, than by holding a concert in the historic Great Hall in commemoration of the renovation of his Academy's Main Building. To all of the staff, students, and all others involved in this tremendous occasion, I express my most jubilant congratulations.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Budapest many times and been inside the Academy's Great Hall just as many. The glorious art nouveau architecture, the façade, the lobby, stained glass, gilded interior, sculptures and that special magical aura… this magnificent institution has been etched into the collective memory of so many. Now, at long last, the Academy is on the verge of being fully restored to its original splendor. It is indeed an invaluable icon of cultural heritage which must be kept for all future generations. With many concerts already in the works, this venue of venues will continue to lead the times of music. We are all filled with hope and anticipation for what music is to come.

Every year since 1995, we of the Gifu Hungary Friendship Association have invited professors from the Academy and held Master Courses in Gifu, Japan. Since the inauguration of that Course, more than 100 of our aspiring young musicians have had the opportunity to go to Budapest and learn at the Academy. Of those 100, about 60 have even completed curriculum at the Academy. All of the students involved in the Master Course, however, have gone on to shine in their respective musical careers. Next year we will celebrate our 20th year of holding the course. To keep this wonderful mission going, to continue to spread the gift of music, I offer my congratulations and best wishes to the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music upon this successful restoration.