A két magyar nem csak játszotta a zenét, ők maguk voltak a zene – minden idegszálukban – egészen az ujjuk hegyéig.

Adelheid von Schorn Reményiről és Lisztről

Dr. Peter Simon

2013. október 22.

President of The Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada

Of the many historical achievements of the Hungarian people, arguably none are greater than the establishment of a school of music whose graduates shaped musical development around the world, created bridges of understanding between millions of people and ultimately placed Hungary at the forefront of creativity and excellence.

The foundation of the Liszt Academy stands as a towering achievement, it's magisterial history a testament to the rich possibilities of human achievement.   The restoration of its magnificent building will bring about not only a renewed sense of pride but strengthen the resolve of its faculty and leadership to enhance the cherished legacy of this beloved institution.