Magyarország, ahol ma is alig élnek többen tízmilliónál, annyi muzsikust és oly sok kiváló zeneművet adott a világnak. Hálás vagyok, hogy ott születtem, és ott tanulhattam.

Solti György

Alan Walker

2013. október 22.

Biographer and scholar of Liszt, Professor Emeritus at McMaster University, Canada

The Liszt Academy is much more than a building. Buildings, after all, are made of bricks and mortar and there the matter ends. But the Liszt Academy vibrates with history.  It has been hallowed by time.  For more than one hundred years it has been at the heart of Hungary's musical life, enriching the fabric of the nation.  But its influence extends well beyond the borders of the homeland, and the reason is not difficult to find.  Enshrined within the Academy's curriculum is an educational system with few parallels elsewhere.  Its goal can be summarized in a single phrase:  ‘the pursuit of excellence.'  Wherever one looks, the Academy's graduates are to be found in the top echelons of the profession.  Numberless Hungarian musicians - conductors, pianists, singers, string players and composers - have gone out and garnered the laurels of the world, bringing honour to the institution that nurtured them. They are attached by a golden thread that stretches back to Liszt himself.